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First and foremost, a good quality helmet is mandatory. Even a minor fall at say 10 km/h may cause a nasty head injury without a helmet. Helmets have saved many lives. You will not be left anywhere near a WCCC ride without one. Try to make sure it's a presentable looking helmet too - no motorbike type things that make you look like a mushroom please. We're trying to look cool here.

Clothing is all down to personal preference. Riders are advised to check the weather forecast before coming out. Depending on temperature, precipitation, wind speed, cloud cover and expected pace, your clothing requirements will vary. You may need a base layer, intermediate layer, neck buff, head scarf, arm warmers, leg warmers, bib tights, jacket, or foldaway rain jacket. You may want to upgrade the fingerless gloves to full gloves in winter.

Members should dress appropriately for the weather. If you get cold, you will seriously struggle. If you get wet, it is inevitable that you will get cold unless you are properly attired. With experience, your kit selection process will become easier each time. New riders may be horrified at the rate of expansion of the kit wardrobe, but that's the way it is.

All members are requested to wear club kit on spins, whether solo or on group rides. Let's show it off! With respect to appearance, members should also bear in mind the Velomati Rules (you'll find them online). We didn't write them. The Rules just ARE.