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Members are advised to ensure their bikes are in perfect mechanical order prior to each ride. New members should ensure that their wheels have quick release skewers. All members are requested to use mudguards in wet weather as a courtesy to their club mates. Mudguards are compulsory during the period November-March.

Only drop bar road bikes are permitted on WCCC rides. This is a standard policy across most clubs, as flat bars may become entangled with drop bars when running side by side, with horribe consequences. So no flat bar bikes allowed. This eliminates hybrids and mountain bikes. TT bikes are also not permitted on group rides. If your road bike has tri bars installed, remove them for club rides please, so you don't end up spearing a club mate.

Novice riders typically start with flat pedals, with or without toe cages. In due course, riders will progress to clipless pedals (which paradoxically you clip into). There are several types. Most WCCC riders use SPD-SL or Look type pedals, although several prefer SPD pedals for routine spins as these do not get damaged when walking around.

Some sort of bicycle computer can be useful. Basic computers show distance travelled, and speed (current and average). More advanced types include metres climbed and cadence. The latter can be invaluable to those looking to up their game. Top of the range systems use GPS, and can show additional information such as heart rate. It's all down to personal preference. The general consensus is that any improvement programme will greatly benefit from use of real time data when on the bike.