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Most group spins are usually accompanied by a coffee stop. Many riders like to take food with them to nibble while on the move. Some take a banana, others take cereal bars. Several members bring jellies (new members note: jellies MUST be offered around). One member swears by the humble fig roll. Even if you don't expect to eat any food on the go, it is recommended that you bring something small for emergencies, such as a gel or chocolate.

Water or a sports drink is essential for your spin. One of the first skills a novice rider should practise is sipping water while moving. The web abounds with information on how much water a rider should consume. One bidon every 30-50 km is a reasonable guide, but it is very much down to personal preference. Many members like to add electrolytes or carb/protein mixes to their bidons. The only guidance which WCCC HQ recommends here is that you carry two bidons on rides longer than 60-70 km.