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Why join the WCCC?

If you have only ever cycled by yourself, you will be amazed at the benefits group riding brings. No more following maps or getting lost - you can explore West Cork safe in the knowledge than the group knows where it's going (presumably!). The pain associated with climbing hills is diluted when your colleagues around you are also suffering. When you get tired, you can draft at the back of the group. Your fitness and bike handling skills will rapidly improve. You will get advice and assistance from more experienced members who were once beginners too. And most importantly, it is always social. You'll be looking forward to the Sunday morning spin all week long.

If you are already familiar with group riding, you will know about the benefits. Now, combine those benefits with super West Cork routes, and you get the picture. We follow a different route each week, so each Sunday brings a whole new adventure. If this sounds appealing, then the WCCC is the club for you. Of course, you will also get to wear the coolest cycling kit in the country.

We typically have 60-70 members. These include leisure cyclists, sportive riders and racers. Every now and then, some members take a notion to go racing. A number of members also participate regularly in adventure races around the country, including the SCAR.