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Sunday spin detals are posted on the WCCC Facebook page each week by one of our Route Officers. The meeting point varies between Dunmanway Square and Drimoleague Centra, although other meeting points may be used on rare occasions. Start times and route distances vary, depending on the time of year. All details are posted on our Facebook page. See below for further info regarding the WCCC Sunday spin.

Please note that on mornings which may be frosty/icy, members are advised to check the WCCC What's App spin organiser group and/or Facebook page that morning before heading out to the meeting point, as spins may be delayed for several hours or even cancelled during such conditions. Similarly, spins may also be cancelled if the morning is very wet, and members are again advised to check What's App and/or Facebook before heading out. Any club member wanting to organise a casual spin may post on the What's App group (contact the Secretary to join).

The WCCC Sunday Spin

The main WCCC weekly spin takes place every Sunday morning. Details are posted in advance on our Facebook page. The Sunday spin is the focal point of the club. Sunday spins vary throughout the year as follows:

Spins are shortest in November, after the end of the cycling season. The shorter spins give new members a gentle introduction to group riding. November spins typically average 70-80 km, often following a figure of 8 loop so that beginners can call it a day after 40 km or so. Over the winter and spring, distances will gradually increase, utlimately peaking at around 130 km by early summer.

Unlike many clubs which follow a few regular routes, the WCCC likes to avail of the varied West Cork landscape. The routes differ from week to week.

Usually alternating between Dunmanway Square and Drimoleague Centra. On rare occasions, other meeting points may be used to allow more distant locations to be reached.

Start time
During the summer, rides typically start at 0830, so you'll be back for the dinner. As the mornings get darker, start times change accordingly. Note that the posted start time is the roll-out time. It's not the 'arrive and start putting on your shoes and pumping your tyres' time.

Coffee stop
There is usually a brief coffee stop on the Sunday spin, typically at a service station. Most riders prefer not to hang around for too long as the legs can get stiff, and a chill can set in. On occasion, we'll treat ourselves to a longer stop, maybe at a cafe with nice cake. 

From time to time, the WCCC supports neighbouring cycling clubs by using their fund raiser sportives as the main weekend spin. Not only is this for a good cause, it allows WCCC riders to show off the kit.

Group sizes do not exceed 10-12 riders. This makes it safer for everyone, including other road users. It also allows for riders of differing abilities to stay together. The WCCC objective is to have 2-3 different groups on each Sunday spin: novice, intermediate and advanced, with respective average speeds shown in the traffic light chart on the left above. Depending on how many riders show up each Sunday, the captains will arrange the groups accordingly.

A note on group riding
Group riding can only be undertaken safely by applying certain rules. See here for details.

And a note on the weather
West Cork wouldn't be so green and wild without rain. A LOT of rain. But, unless it's torrential, the Sunday spin goes ahead. If persistent rain is forecast, the spin may be cancelled. WCCC HQ will usually make a call on Saturday evening or early Sunday morning, via Facebook. Showers are no deterrent to the WCCC. But put on the mudguards if it's going to be wet, or you'll get the cold shoulder. So you'll be wet AND cold. On frosty/icy mornings, you should also check our Facebook page before heading out to the meeting point, as spins may be delayed for several hours, or possibly even cancelled. We are diehard cyclists, but not lunatics.

Thinking of coming out with us
New members are always welcome. Check out our membership page.