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So, you can comfortably average 22-23 km/h or higher over 1-2 hours. Where do you go from here? The first step is to come out with our Green Group on 1-2 spins, as described above. If you enjoy your introductory spins and wish to join the WCCC, you will require a licence from Cycling Ireland. Costing approx. €40 annually, this provides insurance for you and the club. You can apply for the licence online. Once you have your licence, just pay your WCCC annual membership fee (also a paltry €35), and away you go. We ask that members come out on spins as often as possible, as cycling fitness begins to drop after only 2-3 weeks of inactivity. You will need to obey the club rules on all spins.

The club kit is available for purchase, so you can buy jerseys, shorts, jackets, etc. as you need them (because of course this is the real reason you joined). See our kit ordering page.